ToniMIX Visco-Expert

Automatic mortar mixer for the standard-compliant preparation of mixtures of cement, mortar, gypsum and other materials according to EN 196, ISO 679, DIN 1164, Ö-Norm B 3310,
ASTM C 305, ASTM C 359, ASTM C 451 and further standards.

The ToniMIX Expert is equipped with an automatic, freely adjustable water dosing device, an automatic sand feeding device, allows the user to define own mixing prodedures and is equipped with a torque sensor for the evaluation of viscosity.


Key benefits for the user:

  • preinstalled standard mixing procedures (5x EN, 5x ASTM)
  • five individually programmable mixing procedures
  • touchscreen display with user-friendly operation
  • freely adjustable mixing speeds in the range of 50-200 rpm
  • integrated sand feeding device for the automatic feeding of the standard sand
  • variably programmable water dosing device in the range of 50-500 ml with an accuracy of ± 1 ml for the automatic addition of the tempering water
  • possibility to add grany and liquid additives during the mixing procedure
  • water reservoir equipped with filling level detection
  • sturdy and durable housing with integrated test area protection
  • wear resitant, precise stirring unit
  • illuminated, clearly visible mixing area
  • water-repellent operating elements
  • equipped as standard with a dust extraction system
  • proven CE-conformity with emergency stop


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